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First page

 The beautiful story of “EST 15” start in 1994-1995 when, a small group of young people between 19 – 27 years old, some of them “Tour guides”, has decide to build an NGO with ecoturistic activities (a very new concept in Romania). Doru Trasca, Gabriel Popa, Sorinel Serban, Alina Ursuleanu, Sorin Costea, Catalin Demetrescu, Corina Munteanu, Irina Jianu, Gabi-Corina Catrina, Florin Enache, Aurelian Vate, Ecaterina Demeter, Robert-Daniel Visan, Dana Corciu and Cristian Iovita are the very first 15 founders. Shortly, Radu Stanescu, Ovidiu Caraiman, Raluca Passa and Marian has joined to this group.

After almost two years of fighting with the “bureaucratic dragon”, with the judicial system ignorance but also with the “confusing” topic at that time for them, finally their dimply sensitive project called “Ecology-Sport-Truism” has been official recognized.